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What is that? and how does it effect me?

Air conditioning just seems like something magical and mystical. How does it occur and what can I do to effect it in a positive or negative way? If you are interested you can check out this simple diagram above and see how refrigeration works. There is a lot too it, but this is the most simple way to demonstrate it. (sorry it isn’t better quality) You have two sides to a refrigerant system, the condensing side and the evaporation side. One side takes the refrigerant (this is the chemical used to create refrigeration or cooling) and condenses it. It is pressurized by a compressor then ran through a coil of copper with fins to cool it. this condenses the refrigerant or turns it into a liquid. It is very important that all of the refrigerant is turned to a liquid through this process to accomplish the next stage in the cycle. After the refrigerant is turned into a high pressure liquid it is pushed through a small opening. once through the opening the refrigerant is allowed to occupy more space and is then in a low pressure state. the refrigerant is allowed to turn into a vapor. this occurs in [...]

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Why You Shouldn’t Change 1/2 of Your AC/ heat pump System

I get this situation a lot where people will have the need to change the outside portion of their AC or heat pump system. The air handler will be in good shape and the condenser is falling apart or the fan and compressor are in need of replacement and it seems it is more economical to replace the whole outside unit. “Can I change just the outside part of my air conditioner?” Don’t be tempted to go this route! There are very limited scenarios where you can get away with this. Here is a comprehensive overview of this subject broken down into easy to understand. When you can: 1. You system is very new. The efficiencies changed in 2006 to 13 seer and the change from R-22 Freon to R-410a went into effect in 2010. Your system must also have an ARI number assigned to it, which means the equipment model must be manufactured currently. So basically if your system was installed in a matched set in or since 2010 and it is still being produced, your in good shape. If this is the case then your equipment is most likely still under warranty and it doesn’t make sense to [...]

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Tips When Your AC Doesn’t Cool

Here are some tips to get you going if your air conditioning isn’t working. Check your thermostat. If it’s digital and the display is blank check the batteries. The thermostat should be set with the “Fan” in the “Auto” setting and system switch or button set to cool. Make sure the temperature is set lower than the current temperature in your home or business. If you haven’t changed the air filter in the last month, check it. If it is really dirty you should change it and turn the fan to the “on” position for several hours. Then try it again. If there is ice on the line at your air conditioning unit then this could be the cause. Check your breakers. There should be two. One is labeled: heat, AH, air handler or furnace. The other is labeled: condenser, AC, air conditioner, compressor or heat pump. If this breaker is popped then you could switch it off then on. You should get your system checked right away. (this is a little more technical) if it is accessible, check your condensation switch. It is located at the air handler either on the drain line or in the emergency drain pan. [...]

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Tips for Saving Money on Your Power Bill

Saving money on your power bill is usually done by turning up the temperature on your air conditioner or turning down the heat, turning out lights and unplugging unused chargers…Here are some ways to save some money on your power bill that you may not know. They apply to heat as well. •    Change your air filters! Most people don’t know which filters to buy or when to change them. Use the cheapest pleated filter you can find. The trick is to keep the particles in the air from getting in the system and getting the air flowing as much as possible. Change the filters monthly, especially in summer. •    Make sure all your air vents are open! Shutting off vents is like having a dirty filter. You won’t cut down on your power bill by shutting the air off to rooms you don’t use as much. Let your AC breathe! •    Have your air conditioner/heater serviced in the Spring and Fall. You wouldn’t run your car 24/7 for months without some sort of maintenance! The money spent on maintenance will be returned with lower power bills and help prevent unexpected breakdowns. The technician should give you a full assessment of your system [...]

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What About Filters?

You know as far as subjects go, it doesn’t get much more exciting than filters for an AC guy. Maybe that is a little far fetched. How about, there is not much that gets an AC man HOTer than talking about filters. Maybe not HOT like you would think, but upset! Filters keep your system clean and help clean your air. This is the source of many breakdowns and higher power bills. What can happen to your system, if you don’t take care to make sure is has proper filtration, can be very scary. Not only will it get extremely dirty, becoming a breading ground for mold, amongst other things. It also causes slower air movement which will cause higher power bills. Which is scarier, high power bills or mold in your air? The key here is to make sure your system is pulling all of its air through a filter (this is my job). The second part of that is to make sure you are using the correct filter and that you are changing it frequent enough. My suggestion is to use the cheapest pleated filter you can find. This will allow enough air to flow through the system [...]

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Can I wait to do this repair?

I would like to take this time to go over a common problem I get presented with almost every day. “Can I wait to do this repair?” Here is my take on some common scenarios. Mold: this one is a no brainer. Get it handled right away! Your system can be a breading ground for mold if it isn’t running properly, especially here in Florida. Relay or contactor: Relays can work intermittently and leave you stranded without warning. Contactors in particular can stick closed. If this happens it can cause your power bill to go up because the system will not turn off. It can also cause the compressor to fail. This should be addressed quickly if you want your system to be reliable. That being said, your relay could last a long time after it shows signs of going bad. Better safe than sorry is a good rule to adopt if you don’t want to be stranded. Coil cleaning: It depends on how dirty the coil is. You should take every effort to allow as much airflow though your system as possible. A system that is restricted will cause your power bill to be higher than it should be. [...]

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